The Challenge

Fintech is a great tool to bolster financial inclusion by helping banks and microfinance institutions to become more efficient and effective in reaching underserved market segments.

The importance of fintech is growing, with ever more innovative and effective tools enabling and strengthening the operations and services of financial institutions. However, the adoption and implementation of effective fintech solutions is still at a nascent stage in many parts of the world.

Our Solution

To overcome this challenge, the EFSE and the SANAD Fund, advised by Finance in Motion, have partnered with Village Capital and the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT) to foster an active and constructive dialogue between established financial institutions and emerging fintech startups.

The Fincluders Bootcamp builds on the successes of the EFSE Fincluders Startup Challenge and the SANAD Fincluders Startup Challenge by bringing together 12 of the most promising fintech for financial inclusion companies to learn from each other, hone their strategies and polish their pitches to take the next step towards becoming established market players.

The participants will receive support from a wide range of dedicated mentors over two weeks, while meeting with fintech industry stakeholders, investors and potential future customers.