Program Itinerary

Week 1: October 23, 2017, LHoFT, Luxembourg

Luxembourg House of Financial Technology

The first week of the Fincluders Bootcamp 2017 will be held at the Luxembourg House of Finacial Technology (LHoFT). It will consist of intensive workshops and mentoring sessions designed to solidify the participating startups business models.  

Fincluders Partners Forum: October 26, 2017, European Convention Center, Luxembourg

European Convention Center

During the first week of the Bootcamp key Partner Lending Institutions from the EFSE and the SANAD Fund are invited to Luxembourg to explore the strategic importance of fintech for their own operations and for the emerging markets they are active in. As part of this day the participating institutions will have a chance to interact directly with the Fincluders startups to explore how the startups’ innovative solutions could help them better serve their end customers.

Week 2:  October 30, 2017, TechQuartier, Frankfurt am Main


For the second week of the Fincluders Bootcamp 2017 the participating startups will be brought to Frankfurt am Main, Germany. They will again benefit from intensive workshops and mentoring, that focus on investability and scalabilty.